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Product Overview

Laubach rosin and GOLD rosin for violin viola cello

Violin Strings Pirastro

Viola Strings Pirastro

Strings for Cello

Accessoires for stringed instruments

Frequently asked questions about the Laubach online music shop:


- Why should I order gold rosin online?


We produce our own rosin in small quantities, this way we can ensure the best possible quality and sound. Furthermore you are getting the rosin from the manufacturer at the best possible price without paying surcharges.


- Where can I buy cheap Pirastro strings for violins and violas?


As a violin manufacturer we have the most customer friendly prices available. We do not add any commissions since our main goal is to have only satisfied customers.


- What's special about the Laubach-Online-Music-Shop?


We specialize on Pirastro strings for stringed instruments (violins, violas, cellos) and their accessories only. Our whole attention is focused on the best and most used strings available: Evah Pirazzi, Obligato, Tonica, Passione, Evah Pirazzi Gold etc. which we use and recommend on our master class instruments.

The long-time experience shows that the best possible strings deliver an outstanding performance. 

Another great feature is the possibility to buy various product sets that contain diverse accessories for stringed instruments such as: Rosin, string sets, varnish and deep cleaners, polishing cloths.

Furthermore our online-shop offers special offers and discounts such as: Receive one additional silver E-string when purchasing a Evah Pirazzi string set.

Our customers also receive free samples of Laubach deep and varnish cleaners with each order.


We wish you a pleasant shopping experience in the Laubach-Online-Shop.


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