Obligato Cello Strings Pirastro

Obligato Cello Strings -Warm rich, sonorous tone quality. 

Nearly no playing-in time, perfect tuning stability 

Instant response, direct and clear sound exceptional playability 

Can be used in any environment regardless of the humidity.

Obligato Cello Strings are warmer in tone than most other synthetic core strings.

After fitting Obligato cello strings it is recommended not to immediately tune up to pitch, instead you should bring them up slowly over a few hours.

Obligato Cello Strings 4/4

A New Generation of Synthetic Core Strings

modern synthetic strings

powerful and brilliant sound

very quick response


The Obligato D-, G- and C-strings have a core made from modern synthetic fibres.

The A-string has a steel core wound with chrome steel: bright sound and very quick response.

brilliant sound

big and powerful sound

completely insensitive to changes in temperature and humidity

Set: A steel-chrome steel, D wound with chrome steel, G- and C-strings with tungsten

 Gauges: medium


Export deliveries to third party countries (non EU-countries)

are excluded of the German VAT (value added tax) of 19%.



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