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Following the Success of the Evah Pirazzi violin set, Pirastro lauched the Evah Pirazzi Viola set in 2007. This a powerfully bright modern string which is attracting much attention. The Obligato viola string remains a firm favourite with orchestral player of all abilities.  These sets are complemented by Aricore, Synoxa and Tonica, which offer tonal variation from the ever popular Obligato and new Evah Pirazzi Gold strings.

Here you can find our comprehensive range of strings for viola Pirastro.

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Which Viola strings are the best?  There are no one-size-fits-all.  Each violin reacts differently to different brands of Viola strings. There are  three main types of Viola strings:


Gut Viola Strings: Gut viola strings are known for having a warm, rich sound with many complex overtones. Different string gauges for gut strings can change the quality and power of tone drastically. Usually a smaller gauge gut string will have less carrying power and be rather 'bright' sounding, whereas a thicker gauge gut string will be more powerful, gritty and with a higher string tension.


Steel-Core Viola Strings: These type of strings were made popular by the non-classical group of players. Strings made of steel core have a direct, clear sound, and few overtones, although those that are wound can have more interesting overtones. They are much more stable in pitch than gut. They also last longer. They are very bright sounding. They are also good for smaller, entry - level or beginner instruments.


Synthetic Core Viola Strings: Synthetic strings are made using other high-tech nylons and composite materials. Synthetic Core strings have the warm sound qualities of gut, but are much more stable pitch.

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