Laubach best Rosin - GOLD for Cello Solo

Laubach Premium Germany Gold rosin for cello, made from larch resin with the addition of gold, contributes to a lively and bright sound. The rosin is an entirely natural product suitable for musicians at all levels.

Made of natural rosin from high quality selected pine trees, using the 'galipot' (first sap of the tree). With this rosin, the attack of the string is very clear and the sound is easy to produce and control. HIgh quality rosin. 

The musician can mix light and dark or even different instrument types to get desired results.

Laubach Premium Rosin is formulated using the original Laubach recipe, which produces less dust, helping to keep the instrument cleaner. High quality, handmade rosin from Germany.

Laubach has produced an outstanding rosin in their Gold rosin. Very minimal powdering and excellent grip equate to quick response and consistent sustain for both veteran and beginning cellists. 

Laubach Gold Rosin is Everything Cello's first pick for great rosin! 

Laubach best Rosin - GOLD for Cello Solo to buy

Laubach - Rosin EU - GOLD for Cello Solo

Our first-class gold rosin for for cello with fine 999° gold powder produces a very good grip and a warm, soft and clear sound without disruptive background noises, it brings increased resonance during the playing. It is used economically and it is immune to changes in humidity and temperature.

Our best Gold Rosin premium class is made by hand in small quantities in the family workshop in Bavaria, Germany. For the production of exclusive rosin which is being cast entirely by hand, we only use the highest quality natural ingredients.

Gold particles embedded in the rosin provide excellent grip on the string with low dust and maximum tone quality. The Laubach Gold Rosin enhances the response and the feedback of the instrument during virtuoso performance.

Our gold rosin is optimized for these cello strings: Pirastro Evah Pirazzi, Obligato, Evah Pirazzi Gold or Thomastik Spirocore and Larsen. It supports the tone quality, the carrying capacity and the excellent response in an ideal way. Immediately after applying, the rosin gives the bow a  feel pleasantly 'silky smooth' effect on the strings. For best results, we recommend an economical application.

Laubach Gold Rosin for cello is primarily used by professionals and well known musicians. Our gold rosin comes in a golden premium strong cardboard box  with a magnetic lid.

Laubach - Rosin - GOLD for Cello Solo EU
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Laubach GOLD EU CELLO / Violin / Viola 10 + 2 gold rosin for free!

Laubach Gold Rosin 10 + 2 gold rosin for free!

We are now offering to purchase Laubach GOLD gold rosin for violin, viola or cello at a cheaper price.

New Promotion - an opportunity to save money! When buying 10 rosins, you get 2 gift rosins for FREE! 12 gold rosins of your choice - violin or cello in any combination (for example: 6 cello + 6 violin, or 3 cello + 9 violin, etc.) in an original gift box!

In addition, we additionally provide the possibility of free delivery when ordering and purchasing this set of rosin!

When ordering at the bottom in the box for notes, do not forget to indicate the combination of rosin of your choice (for violin, viola or cello).

A great opportunity to bring joy and make a cute New Year gift to your fellow musicians, and also an ideal option for teachers who purchase rosin for students and students of their music class. 

Quantity: 12 gold rosins (10 + 2) in a rigid original gift box.

Made in Germany.


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298,00 €

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Evah Pirazzi EU CELLO strings SET + Laubach Gold Rosin for Cello

1. Cello  Evah Pirazzi Strings  SET

  Known for their huge dynamic range, Pirastro's Evah Pirazzi Strings are capable of the most expressive and complex sound. The C String has a rope core and is wound in tungsten. These strings will keep their tuning incredibly well. You will be amazed at the quick-response and gorgeous nuance you can get when you use these strings. This Soloist C String will give you an incredibly powerful sound. 

The G String has a rope core and is wound in tungsten. The Medium gauge of this G cello string will make it easy for you to acheive a great sound. This is a string that will ring and ring and ring! The D and A Strings has a high-tensile steel core and is wound in chrome.  The C cello string has a rope core and is wound in tungsten. You will be amazed at the quick-response and gorgeous nuance you can get when you use these strings.

This Weich C cello string will give you a great sound and be gentler on your instrument than the other cello strings. 

This Stark A or D cello strings will give you a wonderfully powerful sound and incredible depth. This is a string that will ring and ring and ring! 

Got an electric cello or powerful amp? This string also works very well with electric and electrically-amplified cellos.

2.  Laubach Rosin GOLD for Cello solo

Made in Germany

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G + C Thomastik Spirocore and Lasren A + D Soloist strings SET + Laubach GOLD rosin for cello to buy.

1. The most popular and bought Set for cello

Four piece cello string set:

G-string with flexible multiwire spiral rope core and tungsten wound. Thomastik no. S32.

C-string with flexible multiwire spiral rope core and tungsten wound. Thomastik no. S33

A I - Soloist Larsen cello string, steel/ chrome 

D II Soloist  Larsen cello string, steel/ chrome 

2. Laubach Rosin GOLD for Cello solo

298,00 €

268,00 €

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About Laubach cello gold rosin

Laubach rosin for cello GOLD


   Cello Rosin is a resin collected from pine trees all around the world. It is drawn from the trees in a tapping process in the same way that maple syrup is collected. A small area of the tree's bark is removed and a drip channel and collection container is fitted, the tree is cut with V-shaped grooves which allow the resin to run out of the tree into the container. The resin is mixed with other tree saps and purified. It is then heated and melted and poured into moulds. After the mixture is set it is smoothed and polished and packed into containers.


  The purpose of rosin is to make the hair grip the strings of the cello and cause them to vibrate. Without out rosin the hair would glide smoothly over the strings and no sound would be produced.

Gold rosin for cello  Solo

  Before you can successfully rosin your violin bow you must know about the two kinds of rosin. The first kind is called dark rosin this is also known as winter rosin. Dark rosin is a softer stickier rosin and is suited to dry cool climates. Light rosin is harder than and not as sticky as dark rosin. Both will work fine on any violin you must experiment with different kinds until you find the type that is right for you. 

  Applying the rosin is very easy. Simply take the cello rosin and glide it several times up and down the bow. Remember to use the rosin sparingly most people use far too much this will cause the cello rosin to drip down of the strings and stain the cello.

You do not need to apply rosin everyday once every four or five times is enough after you have been playing a while you will develop a feel for how much cello rosin you need.

Laubach cello gold rosin customer review.

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  • #1

    federico cipriano (Monday, 05 September 2016 11:24)

    I'm Federico Cipriano, an Italian cellist, I teach Cello In Civica scuola di Musica in Lucca and i play with Orchestra Lirico Sinfonica del Teatro del Giglio di Lucca. Usually I play with Evah Pirazzi gold strings and rosin but I would like to try Your Laubach Rosin GOLD for Cello Solo for my bow.

    My instrument is a Franco Simeoni made in 1987. It is really reactive especially on first string (la) and I believe that your Laubach Rosin GOLD is a perfect choice, do you think is this a good idea or is better use Laubach Rosin for Cello Solo?

    Can I have a free tryset of both?

    Best regards

    Federico Cipriano
    Via Angeloni, 45
    55100 Lucca

  • #2

    Laubach-Shop-Team (Tuesday, 06 September 2016 10:55)

    Dear Federico Cipriano,

    thank you for your Laubach gold rosin question. We will be attending the music fair in Cremona, Italy this year, where you can meet us and try all cello rosins at Stand 177 from the 30th September - 2. October.

    We always give free cello gold rosin when customers buy bows or cellos that are made in our workshop in Germany.

    Kind regards

  • #3

    Brian (Tuesday, 26 June 2018 22:55)

    After purchasing and trying out this gold rosin my cello sounds like an entirely new instrument. If your play level is already high you can still get a lot out of this gold rosin. The shipping was rather quick and the included gifts that came with my order are brilliant. I can’t recommend this rosin enough, regardless if you are a beginner or experienced player. Go ahead and try it out for yourself!

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    Jose (Monday, 04 March 2019 11:54)


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    Jessica (Monday, 04 March 2019)



  • #6

    Stephanie (Sunday, 31 March 2019 16:59)

    This is my cello rosin of choice from now on. it works well with the synthetic strings I have on there. It doesn't sound harsh or edgy. I love the warm sound it produces--especially if it's pianissimo and on the lower strings and that awful wolf tone I have on my cello. It even grips well. Strongly recommended.

  • #7

    Jeffrey (Saturday, 14 December 2019 16:16)

    It was on sale but still 3 times what I've ever paid for rosin. I play 2 or 3 times a week, 1 1/2 hour sets. Huge difference in sound and bow action. Love this stuff, easy to apply quickly and lasts the whole 4 1/2 hours! Definitely worth what I paid.

  • #8

    Julian (Tuesday, 17 December 2019 21:03)

    Excellent rosin value, great service, prompt delivery!

  • #9

    Jasmine (Wednesday, 18 December 2019 15:20)

    송진을 바꿨더니 소리도 달라지고 신세계였습니다. 너무 좋네요!
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