Spirocore - Thomastik и Larsen Magnacore Arioso for Cello

Larsen and Thomastik Spirocore are by far the most popular strings of choice by professional musicians.  The distinctive tonal qualities and playing characteristics of the Larsen strings have given them an unrivalled reputation as the world’s finest cello string.  Larsen retain a similarly strong following and have a particularly fine A string which, for students on a restricted budget is a worthwhile investment to sit with other student sets.

Both Thomastik Spirocore and Larsen  are stocked in all variants to meet the demands of the most discerning players and their instruments.

Thomastik Spirocore - Strings for cello

Thomastik Spirocore  Strings for cello to buy

Thomastik Spirocore cello strings with a multiwire sprial rope core, less inertia and long vibration, equally effective when playing arco or pizzicato.

Many cellists combine different string manufacturers to achieve optimal sound for their cello. Very often it was the Thomastik Spirocore G-string, a balanced sound from the different strings are not fully met. Therefore, Thomastik developed the G- and C-string. By the available strengths of soft, medium, strong it is possible to achieve the best sound for each cello.  Spirocore cello strings incorporate a flexible multiwire spiral rope core. They have less inertia than other steel strings allowing a longer tonal vibration.

These strings are equally effective when playing arco or pizzicato and are highly responsive and durable. Spirocore cello strings, widely recognised as “the reference standard”, are legendary for distinctive tone and playability.

The tungsten G and C are particularly popular with professional cellists. Click on the individual strings to choose options.

Thomastik Spirocore cello string G or C

Thomastik Spirocore cello string, G III, spiral rope/ tungsten

G-string with flexible multiwire spiral rope core and tungsten wound. Thomastik no. S32.

Thomastik Spirocore cello string, C IV, spiral rope/ tungsten

C-string with flexible multiwire spiral rope core and tungsten wound. Thomastik no. S33.

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Lasren A + D Soloist and the G + C Thomastik Spirocore strings. buy

One of the most popular cello string combinations currently in existence is the Lasren A + D Soloist and the G + C Thomastik Spirocore strings.


How does such a popular cello string-sentence combination, such as the two Larsen A and D Soloist, which are so popular with Thomastik Spirocore, come into being? That's where the experience counts. For many professionals and passionate cellists, the balance of the sound counts, above all the combinability of the strengths.


High Tensile Steel Core Larsen Warm, Clear Sound  Designed to Blend With Thomastik Spirocore G & C

G + C Thomastik Spirocore and Lasren A + D Soloist strings SET to buy

G-string with flexible multiwire spiral rope core and tungsten wound. Thomastik no. S32.

C-string with flexible multiwire spiral rope core and tungsten wound. Thomastik no. S33

A I - Soloist Larsen cello string, steel/ chrome 

D II Soloist  Larsen cello string, steel/ chrome 

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Larsen - Strings for cello

Larsen Soloist A, D and G cello strings offer more projection than the standard Larsen strings. Larsen Solo cello strings are ideal for solo playing; these strings are particularly popular amongst professional cellists.

Larsen Solo cello strings are available in light, medium or heavy gauge.

Larsen cello strings feature a solid steel core. These are excellent quality professional cello strings with a long life, a feature of all Larsen strings.

The Wire Core G and C strings are truly remarkable for their balance of power and warmth.

Set of steel core cello strings favoured by professionals.

Larsen cello strings produce a warm and powerful sound.

The full-size set is available in three different gauges: light, medium or heavy.

Medium gauge is recommended for most players; light gauge strings are slightly thinner, heavy gauge strings slightly thicker

Larsen - Strings for cello

Larsen cello string, A I Soloist, steel/ chrome 

Larsen cello string, D II Soloist, steel/ chrome 

Larsen cello string, G III, steel/ tungsten 

Larsen cello string, G III, wire core/ tungsten 

Solid Steel Core

A Bright, Durable String for Student and Amateur Players.

Easy to Bow

Larsen Magnacore Arioso for Cello

Powerful, warm, rich tone with good projection.  Tonally adjusted damping for optimum sound quality.

String Cello AAA SET

A string with premium qualities!

The strings stand for a well-balanced sound, which fulfills all the demands of professional musicians, both radiant and colorful. They are focused, they respond well in the extreme dynamics and convince with a healthy dose of power, which is especially good for the deep strings

These strings have a flexible multiwire spiral rope core, less inertia and longer period of musical vibration than other rope strings. The sound is round and powerful. Reliable stability and long lasting. They are useful as a bass pair when matched with other strings. 


Synthetic Core

Warm, Focused Sound

Big Tonal Volume

Easy Response.  Very Stable

Ideal for both Arco and Pizz.

Can Also Be Tuned for Solo Tuning

Synthetic Core Double Bass Strings are favoured by many for their flexibility and ease of play. Pirastro offer two versions of ¾ string for standard and solo tuning.  Obligato are optimized to suit both 4/4 and ¾ Double Basses..   Obligato are suitable for arco playing.   Rotosound RS4000 are a low tension 4/4 set best suited for “Slap” style playing

Synthetic Perlon core

Polished metal tape winding

Nylon Core

Perfect for Rock-a Billy and Jazz Slap style

Great British String, suitable for 4/4 Basses

Please note, because of their great flexibility, bridge height and/or positioning may be necessary for these to be effective on ¾ basses.

Larsen Magnacore

Larsen Magnacore® strings have a warm and focused sound. They offer a wealth of overtones, volume and exceptional string response - even when played in pianissimo. Playing-in time has been reduced to a minimum.

The A and D are made on a solid steel core and wound with precision rolled flat wire. The G and C are made on a concentric multi-stranded steel core and wound with high grade Tungsten and precision rolled flat wire.

Larsen Solo Cello Strings

Larsen Solo Cello strings were developed to offer increased projection and volume for the solo cellist. These strings have a solid steel core. The A and D are wound with stainless steel flat wire and the G is wound with tungsten.

Larsen Solo cello strings are available as individual strings, A, D, G, or as part of our combination mix and match sets.

Larsen Cello Strings

Aimed at advanced student and professional players. 

High quality sound with plenty of projection, with consistency and durability

Larsen Cello strings, have been developed for the advanced cello student and professional cellist alike and give a high projecting sound with a wide palette of tone colours. Larsen describe the string as having an overwhelming warmth and beauty of sound and further describe them as ideal strings for the classical repertoire for the cello. 

Larsen cello strings are a very popular choice and in addition to their sound qualities and projection, give stability in varying conditions enhancing confidence to the cellist.

Larsen cello strings can be purchased individually, as a complete set or now within a combination mix and match set.

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    Carlos (Tuesday, 17 December 2019)

    It takes a while to gather accurate and consistent information about the best strings, rosins, not to mention instruments themselves. Eventually some names show up more than others, as was the case for Larsen strings. The most frequent recommendations were the use of Larsens for the A and D strings on a cello. They are a perfect match for my Spirocore C and G.

  • #1

    Sarah (Tuesday, 09 April 2019 10:13)

    For my own cellos, I prefer Spirocore Tungsten C string and Spirocore Silver G string. For my students, I generally recommend any of the Spirocores for the G and C strings, to pair with Larsen or Jargar D and A strings. In general, the Tungstens are the most expensive and highest-resistance for the most power, the Silvers are a little less expensive and more easily responsive than either Tungsten or Steel, and the Steels sound almost as good as either of the others, for a lot less money. If budget is a concern, then a full set of Spirocore Steel, in "weich" (light gauge), is almost as responsive as Silver, or a full set of Prims if the cello tone needs brightening.

My teacher suggested that I get better strings for my Larsen cello. I had always admired the way her cello sounds, so I asked what strings she used. After getting these, I was amazed! The tone is so much more smooth and the sound goes outward. With some A strings, it sounds kind of metallic and, for lack of a better word, twang-y. These are nothing like that though. Even the A string is as smooth as silk. Over all, these are the best string that I have ever used.