Perpetual violin strings Pirastro

Pirastro's Perpetual strings are a rethink of their flagship brands producing a set that features high-tech reformulated cores, and even an optional steel A in the grain of Oistrach. These strings have very little play in time, are very stable and have unequaled set harmony.

Germany string maker Pirastro has produced a winner of a product that is fast gaining traction among professional players and students alike. Utilizing specially formulated alloys for the windings and a high-tech synthetic core, 

Perpetual  strings produce a warm gut-like tone reinforced with excellent projection and solid stability. Responsiveness and an all around good feel complete these well-designed violin strings. Loop end is standard E string

Using an advanced composite core,  Pirasrtro violin strings are designed for professional players, specifically soloists, to provide a strong, complex and focused sound. Further, again as an aid to professionals, these Perpetual strings settle in just a few hours instead of days required by other strings. A sstrings these steel core strings are similar to what David Fjodorovitš Oistrah and other adherents of the power of steel strings enjoyed.

Perpetual strings EU Violin SET Mittel Envelope Pirastro E-platinum 26

E-platinum 26.0 - voluminous sound, 

A-steel/chrome steel - round and colourful tone

Perpetual A-, D- and G-strings have a ball-end.

E-platinum 26, A-aluminum,D- and G-silver

The E-string is available with a removable ball end.

Sizes 4/4

Manufacturer Pirastro "Made in Germany"

138,00 €

116,00 €

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Las nuevas cuerdas de violín Perpetual Pirastro han sido especialmente diseñadas

para los músicos que disfrutan con un sonido poderoso, amplio y elegante.

Sus particulares características como la estabilidad tonal, la rápida respuesta del arco y su suavidad son perceptibles des del primer momento. Además, la primera cuerda permite retirar la bola y convertirla en lazo.

Todas estas características y cualidades combinadas entre sí garantizan una maravillosa experiencia. 

Customer Reviews bought Perpetual strings from pirastro for violins in the Laubach strings shop in Germany

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    James (Sunday, 19 January 2020 13:10)

    Being a classical violinist, I have always used synthetic strings on my italian violin. Unfortunately, I never seemed to get the sound I was after. The opportunity to use these strings occured at a fiddle competition. I needed a replacement set before going on stage (my Pirazzi A string snapped and so did my G). A friend recommended this brand. Immediately, my violin sang more beautifully than I have ever heard before. It stayed in tune while I was on stage and after only being on my instrument for ten minutes! The sound is dark, rich, luscious, clear, and very impressive. I will never use another string! These strings surpass all other. I have used them and I won't use anything else. I love them!