Perpetual violin strings

Pirastro's Perpetual strings are a rethink of their flagship brands producing a set that features high-tech reformulated cores, and even an optional steel A in the grain of Oistrach. These strings have very little play in time, are very stable and have unequaled set harmony.

Germany string maker Pirastro has produced a winner of a product that is fast gaining traction among professional players and students alike. Utilizing specially formulated alloys for the windings and a high-tech synthetic core, 

Perpetual  strings produce a warm gut-like tone reinforced with excellent projection and solid stability. Responsiveness and an all around good feel complete these well-designed violin strings. Loop end is standard E string

Using an advanced composite core,  Pirasrtro violin strings are designed for professional players, specifically soloists, to provide a strong, complex and focused sound. Further, again as an aid to professionals, these Perpetual strings settle in just a few hours instead of days required by other strings. A sstrings these steel core strings are similar to what Kogan and other adherents of the power of steel strings enjoyed.