Laubach rosin and GOLD rosin for violin viola cello

Laubach best Rosin -  directly from the family workshop.


Our Gold Rosin premium class is made in small quantities in the family workshop in Bavaria, Germany. For the production of exclusive rosin which is being cast entirely by hand, we only use the highest quality natural ingredients.

It is very important for us, that our rosin meets the high demands of professional musicians.

Production and Origin of rosin:

Rosin is made from balsamic natural resin, usually of the tree species pine, fir, pine, larch and spruce.

The name "rosin" is from the ancient Greek city Colophon.

Differences and qualities:

Rosin is produced in different grades. Usually a dark rosin is slightly harder than a light rosin and preferable at higher room temperatures.

Steel strings require a lower

Synthetic strings have an average

Gut strings a higher bond strength

Violin bow needs the lowest bond strength (hardest rosin)

Viola bow requires a lower bond strength (hard rosin)

Cello bow, bass viol bow an average adhesion force (medium soft rosin)

Double bass bow a high adhesive force (soft rosin)

Usage of rosin:

It is used to treat the horse hair of a bow string so that string vibrations are thus produced when painting over the strings.

For this, the rosin is distributed evenly over the hair of the bow.

At very cheap (and often tacky) Rosin, the dose should be economical to noise and to reduce heavy pollution of the bow, the strings and the instrument.