Laubach ultimate express deep cleaner & polish for stringed instruments and bows

Laubach Violin Cleaner specially blended for cleaning and restoring of traditional vanishes 

Please note: read and follow label instructions and do not use on bow or violin bridge. Ensure all Laubachs cleaner is wiped off upon completion

The new Laubach express restore deep cleaning cream offers an effective and powerful solution for deep cleaning of the toughest dirt on stringed instruments and bows.

Reliable on all common stringed instruments finishes, Restore polishes out swirl marks and slight scratches, reanimating your finish like never before. Brings out the natural color and beauty of your instrument!

Cream only needs to be used in small amounts. You need apply a layer of cream on a smooth piece of cotton cloth and spread these evenly in circular movements on the body of your instrument. Then polish to a shine with a soft, clean cloth.

Shake well before using!

Laubach EU deep cleaner for stringed instruments and bows

Professional set for long lasting use. Maintenance of all string instruments and bows. Scratches and damages to the varnish are less noticeable.

cleaning and care product

  • especially suitable for bow sticks and metal parts of the bow
  • reliably removes dust and rosin residues
  • not suitable for the use on bow hair and strings!
  • Laubach-cleaner for violn worldwide 
  • Due to the rosin remover, it is also for removing larger amounts of contamination without adversely affecting the intrument's varnish or wood.

Amount: 1 bottle Cleaner and Polisher each, including 1 cleaning and polishing cloth.

Content: 30 ml


Laubach deep cleaner for stringed instruments and bows
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Laubach  deep cleaner for stringed instruments and bows  video review by Violinista

Comments: 5
  • #5

    Heritage Violin Restoration (Saturday, 27 August 2022 17:56)

    We are a restoration workshop in the United States, and have been using the original polish from Laubach for many years. We were recently introduced to the Deep Cleaner, and it is amazing! Thanks so much Laubach! We only hope you continue making your products forever.

  • #4

    Great starter Cleaner and Polisher kit, good value (Saturday, 14 December 2019 23:16)

    I use this kit to take care of my two violas and one violin.It is a good value for the quality and quantity of products inside. It is a great kit for the general upkeep of your instruments. All the products are simple and easy to use. Though I would recommend owning more than one polishing cloth so one can be clean for dusting rosin and one can be used for polishing. Overall, I'm happy with my purchase.

  • #3

    Yulia, Guildford (Sunday, 14 April 2019 21:48)

    Dear Laubach-shop!
    I received my purchase! I am very happy!
    Deep cleaner is magic!
    Thank you for the presents! I am very impressed!
    I recommended you for all my friends.
    Best Wishes,

  • #2

    Madison (Wednesday, 04 April 2018)

    The Laubach cleaner is excellent for violins and bows!
    Its a great cleaner, which has never failed its duty - cleaning.
    Ive ordered this violin cleaner twice already. It is very kind to the varnish and brings out the wood beautifully.
    I also use this on bow sticks, again I have a very old bow, as well as some modern ones. It works well on all of them and brings them all up to a lovely finish.
    Highly recommended.

  • #1

    Kevin (Tuesday, 03 April 2018 01:23)

    Before polishing my violin with Laubach cleaner it was very dirty from rosin, dirt and sweat but now it is cleaner than it has ever been, my violin is modern Italian but I was worried about using cleaning products on the varnish, but I am very pleased with the finish, the sound also seems to have improved since using it, although I don't knw if this is possible!