Laubach ultimate express deep cleaner & polish for stringed instruments and bows

The new Laubach express restore deep cleaning cream offers an effective and powerful solution for deep cleaning of the toughest dirt on stringed instruments and bows.

Reliable on all common stringed instruments finishes, Restore polishes out swirl marks and slight scratches, reanimating your finish like never before. Brings out the natural color and beauty of your instrument!

Cream only needs to be used in small amounts. You need apply a layer of cream on a smooth piece of cotton cloth and spread these evenly in circular movements on the body of your instrument. Then polish to a shine with a soft, clean cloth.

Shake well before using!

Laubach EU deep cleaner for stringed instruments and bows

Professional set for long lasting use. Maintenance of all string instruments and bows. Scratches and damages to the varnish are less noticeable.

cleaning and care product

  • especially suitable for bow sticks and metal parts of the bow
  • reliably removes dust and rosin residues
  • not suitable for the use on bow hair and strings!
  • Laubach-cleaner for violn worldwide 
  • Due to the rosin remover, it is also for removing larger amounts of contamination without adversely affecting the intrument's varnish or wood.

Amount: 1 bottle Cleaner and Polisher each, including 1 cleaning and polishing cloth.

Content: 30 ml


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