IL Cannone Larsen  violin strings

Based in Denmark, Larsen has long been known as a premier maker of cello strings. Branching relatively recently into violin, their strings are making waves as strong alternatives to existing brands, with an edge in sound all their own

A new development from a long-time cello string maker, Larsen Violin Strings feature a synthetic core that deliver a proper balance between bright and warm tone, with good complexity and a slightly dark sound yet with a punch that isn't present in other comparable brands.

Somewhat of a revolution in thinking as far as design is concerned, these Larsen strings help to create a "custom set" feel more than other generic prepackaged sets. 

Wound first with a natural alloy found in nature, and then again with more conventional alloys these strings are suitable for old and new instruments, are stable, and settle in quickly. Lower tensions produce a more free and full sound. The IL Cannone Larsen  violin strings  produce a more free and brilliant tone.

Higly stable with a complex full sound, these strings settle rapidly for the working musician.

Formulated specifically for the soloist, IL Cannone  Solo Violin Strings deliver a brilliant, nuanced tone with plenty of expression with excellent bow response. They are highly stable, and settle in rapidly and are among the flagship choices of players worldwide.

IL Cannone  Solo Violin Strings feature a synthetic multifiliment core that simulates gut effectively, with less of the 'harder than gut' sound typical of synthetic core strings. Rock solid stability is maintained, and IL Cannone  Solo lend themselves particularly well for mixed sets. Loop end is standard E string.

All sets are size 4/4

IL Cannone SOLO Larsen strings for violin

Complete set of 4 strings Medium

All sets are size 4/4

E-string made of carbon steel with removable ball

A-string made of multifilament-fibre nylon core with winding made of aluminium flat wire

D- and G-strings made of multifilament-fibre nylon core with winding from pure silver

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79,08 €

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