Dampits and Humidifiers for Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass

 Dampit Humidifier for violin, viola or cello and bass

 Dampit Humidifier is the original humidifier for instruments. Made with premium quality, Dampit is the most popular humidifier used by professional musicians.

  This humidifier consists of a flexible tube containing water-absorbent material with protective closures and fasteners. It is immersed in water and then inserted into the instrument to retain humidity. It is left in while the instrument is not in use; performers may leave the Dampit in the instrument while playing, if desired.

   Humidifiers are used to prevent over-dryness that would often result in cracks being formed on an instrument.  Over-dryness occurs most often during winter months when indoor heat makes the already dry winter air even dryer.  This lack of moisture in the air causes glue that holds the instrument together to lose its cohesiveness causing cracks to form.

   The humidity indicator would indicate the proper humidity level. The humidifier is placed in the instrument through the f-hole to maintain the correct moisture level in the instrument. Humidity indicator is included. Fits all sizes in violin.

The Dampit Violin/Viola and Cello  protects musical instruments from damage due to excessive dryness.

Don't let your instrument dry out.

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The Dampit Cello Humidifier protects your cello from damage due to excessive dryness. A soft rubber sleeve encloses a special open-cell sponge. Simply soak in water, wipe off, and insert through an F-hole. Instructions and handy humidity gauge included. The Dampit humidifier provides long term humidity protection and guards against your cello cracking and warping.

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Dampit - HUMIDIFIER for Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass Ralph Hollander

The original Ralph Hollander violin, viola, cello and bass dampit is the most trusted humidifer. It's the best way to keep your vioin instrument from drying out during cold winters and long plane rides. Ralph Hollander Dampit

The violin dampit is a "must have" tool that helps prevent wood cracks on your violin. The inner part of the dampit has a sponge that absorbs water and by placing the tube in your instrument, you dispurse humidity throughout your instrument. Getting cracks on violins can be very difficult to repair and can be prevented by regularly refilling and keeping your dampit inside your instrument. It is highly recommended to use a dampit in especially dry conditions.

The original humidifier for string instruments, DAMPIT has been protecting wood instruments for over 40 years. The DAMPIT is the most economical, efficient and time-tested system for keeping your instrument properly humidified.


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When you have an instrument made of wood, then this is a product you really need. Wood has a tendency to dry out over time, unless it is stored in a humidified environment. Guitar faces separate from their bodies, oboes and clarinets develop cracks, and violin-family instruments lose their tone quality.


This handy device may not be very photogenic, but it is one of the most useful tools a wood instrument owner can have. This humidifier measures about 8 - 16mm inches in diameter. Made of rubber on the outside, with a cotton water-holding interior, this product will slowly release moisture into the air. When you store it with your instrument, the humidity stays where it should be, and your instrument is happier!


For best results, soak the humidifier in water every couple of days (or as necessary) so that it has lots of moisture to release into the air.

Stretto | Violin & Viola Humidifier Black

Stretto is an effective system for maintaining a safe and consistent humidity level in your violin case. The Stretto bag humidifies for up to 2 weeks

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Comments about Violin, Viola, Bass and cello Dampit:

Comments: 3
  • #3

    Just what I needed (Saturday, 04 April 2020 11:49)

    I live in the desert and the relative humidity here is only about 5%. I bought two of these, one for a new violin and the other for a mandolin. They fit well, work fine and allow the instruments to safely rest in their cases. It takes a little time to recharge them with water, but this is the best solution for small instruments in this dry climate.

  • #2

    Very good Does the Job (Sunday, 29 December 2019 15:45)

    I have two of these for my violins, very easy to use and, they appear to do what they are intended to do. A little pricey for what they are but, what isn't these days. At any rate the protection is good and, I'd rather have them than not. Need to be resoaked and wrung out about every 3 days when it is dry. The guage that comes with these that you hang in your closet or storage room seems to give a fairly accurate reading on the humidity level for that area, kinda surprising but it works. Good product just should be a little less expensive.

    This is a great idea to protect expensive equipment.

  • #1

    Bryan (Saturday, 14 December 2019 22:40)

    These humidifiers are the best for cellos! We have several of them for our celloss and they do an outstanding job. They are flexible so they slip right down the small openings in the top of the cellos. Great product!