Laubach - Rosin for Cello Solo

Laubach premium  dark rosin for  cello 

 Laubach recipe rosin packed in an easy to use case original Laubachs recipe handed down for generations.

Laubach - Rosin for Cello Solo

We are producing amber coloured rosin for cello, which is being cast entirely by hand, we only use the highest quality natural ingredients.

Our Cello Rosin premium class is made in small quantities in the family workshop in Bavaria, Germany.


It creates a very powerful, rich, dark sound that is ideal for cello soloists.

Our cello rosin is optimized for these cello strings: Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold or Spirocore and Larsen.


It is used economically and it is immune to changes in humidity and temperature.

For best sound results, we recommend an economical application.


Our cello rosin comes in a red premium strong cardboard box  with a magnetic lid.

Laubach 中大提琴松香 我們的中大提琴松香採用,控制力好,琴聲溫暖溫柔純淨,還能防止討厭的噪音產生。使用僅需要一點點,不受濕度跟溫度改變的影響。 這款松香包裝在帶有磁鐵開關的盒子內。


プロのチェリストとその先生が共同開発したとても純度の高い松脂。 しっかりと付き音量も大きくなる。

Export deliveries to third party countries (non EU-countries)

are excluded of the German VAT (value added tax) of 19%.

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Comments: 4
  • #4

    Patrick, Professional Musician (Saturday, 14 December 2019 19:13)

    Winter is coming on, and as indoor humidity levels drop, I need a rosin with stronger grip. I decided to try the Laubach Cello Rosin (medium grade, which is tackier). Other tacky cello rosins I've tried can produce a harsher tone, and they don't seem to last long on the bow hair, but I like everything about this Ultra Formulation. It's tacky enough to give me confident control without extra tension in my bowing arm. I relax and let this rosin do its job. It produces a nice smooth tone, and lasts a long time on the hair. After playing sessions, I see almost no rosin dust accumulating on my cello top. All pluses. The packaging has a nice box with a magnetic lid look to it, but there's modern science behind the rosin itself. The medium grade is now my main Winter rosin, and when Summer returns, I will try their Laubach gold for cello grade. The price is low enough for anyone to give these rosins a try.

  • #3

    Lily (Sunday, 03 March 2019 23:16)

    比匹亚斯托好使 弓毛打完了是绿色的浅绿不夸张哈哈


  • #2

    Sarah (Sunday, 03 March 2019 23:04)

    挺好 感觉用完音色洪亮 柔美些了
    很好用哦 音色好了很多
    非常好,还有股淡淡的清香 很满意!

  • #1

    Jack (Sunday, 03 March 2019 13:00)

    个人推荐你也可以试试看 Laubach cello GOLD 松香 掉粉极少 音质清晰 我个人测评之后觉得是比较好的一款 自己也一直在用。